Celebrating equality

with Senna Visser


It’s International Women’s Day and the world is taking action for gender equality. But what does gender equality really mean? And how can we promote it in our daily lives? We sat together with Senna Visser, co-owner of communications & branding agency L”Elue Collectif, to find answers to these questions.

Senna, you did a great job in helping us develop the NOÉ Skincare brand identity and we’re beyond grateful to have you on our team. You’re inspiring, in personal and professional life, and a real power woman!


 Do you ever experience

inequality because of your gender?


Thank you!

Luckily, I don’t really experience inequality in daily life. Capital cities like Amsterdam, where I live, are very diverse and most people are open-minded. It may happen on a professional level from time to time, but I’ve learned how to handle such situations.

However, I’m aware that discrimination exists on all kinds of levels in society. Unfortunately, many societal structures promote inequality instead of confronting it. In that sense, we still have a long way to go. Sometimes it hurts to see how women (and men) in certain groups are being perceived as inferior. There have been situations where I experienced it on a personal level.


That sounds like you’ve developed a strong attitude. Based on your experiences, how would you define gender equality?


To me, equality means that the same rights and respect are given to every human being. That’s not necessarily a question of gender; think of all the people who consider themselves neither man nor woman. Equality should not be bound to any category. Everyone deserves to be treated equally, no matter who they are.


What do you do to promote equality in your environment?


I’m trying to live respectfully, to offer new perspectives. Instead of judging others, I seek dialogue, and when someone judges me, I try to change their perception. I really believe that talking and listening to each other can keep us from making prejudgements.

Thank you for your time and thoughts, Senna.



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