Gender Inclusive Skincare

Skincare products are usually labelled ‘for men’ or ‘for women’. But does the skin of men really need different care than skin of women? And what about everyone who doesn’t fit into these boxes. Isn’t everyone’s skin unique? A look beyond gendered skincare.

The skincare industry is strongly gendered. Unisex or non-gendered products are rare, while products for men and women are strictly separated – both on the shelves and in our heads. As a man, have you ever bought moisturizer marketed for women? Chances are high that you have not. But is this distinction really necessary, or is it just marketing?


Skin knows no gender

It is true that the skin of men differs from that of women. But it’s also true that the skin of one man differs from that of another. Same goes for all women, for all transgender, non-binary, gender neutral… - for everyone who has a skin. Truth is every skin is unique and everyone prefers different skincare. Skin knows no gender and skincare should not be bound to any category. Brands distinguish male and female products mainly for marketing purposes.


Skincare beyond categories

At NOÉ, we look beyond the stereotypical 'male' and 'female' marketing of skincare. We recognise the uniqueness of every skin and make products that everyone can use and benefit from. Instead of checking labels, we ask you to check your own skin: How does it feel? What does it need? With our products, we offer you a simple four-step skincare ritual that you can easily personalise and integrate into your daily life.


Only exception: the beard

There’s one hairy thing that does make a difference between men’s and women’s facial skin: the beard. (*Note: Also people who don’t identify as a man can grow a beard, but it’s rarer.) Regular shaving irritates your skin and makes it more sensitive. We have taken this into account and formulated our products in a way that also works for sensitive skin. NOÉ products are alcohol-free and contain plant-based ingredients that are anti-irritant.

Every skin is unique. Do you know how to best care for yours? If you have questions, please feel free to send us a message. We’re here to help you find a routine that works for your skin.


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