Healthy habits for the NY

A new year means new beginnings, right? Most of us want to start new habits in the new year, but we all find it hard to stick to them. Here are 4 tips to build new habits succesfully..


Small steps are key

As mentioned before, never set the bar too high for yourself. This way you will make it harder on yourself to maintain this new habit since you may not always have the same amount of motivation. For example you decide to start working out, instead of immediately hitting the gym start with something smaller. You can very easily do a couple of exercises in the comfort of your own home, start with doing sit ups in your living room for example whilst watching your favorite netflix show. Attaching the new habit to something you already do in your daily routine will make things much easier on you since you wouldn’t have to go out of your way to do it. 

Do it on a daily basis

A new habit won’t stick if you only do it once in a while. To turn a new habit into one that sticks you must do it every single day, consistency is very important here. On average a person needs to do a new habit for 28 to 254 days in order for it to become something you automatically do. From this you can conclude that creating a new habit takes a long time, therefore you shouldn’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work out the way you hoped it would. Just keep pushing and we promise that eventually it will become second nature.

Give yourself a reward

To help form a habit you need a good reward system, this way you’ll motivate yourself since you get something in return. This may be easier for some habits than others, for example when you take a shower your immediate reward is the feeling of being fresh and clean. But when it comes to losing weight the reward may take weeks or maybe even months before you get it. You can change this by setting up your own reward system, exercising with a friend is a great way to reward yourself since you’re doing something fun while working out. 


Start and end your day with selfcare

Starting and ending your day on the right note is very important if you want your day to go well. Selfcare at the start of every day in the form of skincare will immediately make you feel better in your skin, giving you the confidence and positivity that you need in order for you to conquer the day. Similarly when you end the day with selfcare it will allow your body and mind to have that moment of relaxation and allow you to let go of the stress that you might have built up from the day. This will give you the fresh start that you need when you wake up in the morning the next day. On top of that your skin will look radiant as soon as you wake up due to your skincare routine, giving you an extra boost.

Don't forget, daily habits that are repeatable can lead to remarkable results.



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