We talked to different people with different voices and backgrounds, to give an insight of what is going on in the city. We call it Voices of NOÉ.

Jewaria Luu, born and raised in Amsterdam, is a law student, model and online entrepreneur. She is active on social media to raise her voice against racism. Being a mixed person with Vietnamese-Moroccan roots and living with a culturally diverse family in the Netherlands, Jewaria has first-hand experiences with racism herself. She believes that racism takes different forms, depending on who you are, or how you are perceived by others. 

Jewaria describes herself as a mixed person. During her childhood, Jewaria’s fluid identity often made it difficult for her to find a place where she could belong. Neither Moroccans nor Vietnamese nor Dutch would regard her as ‘one of us’. Today, she identifies herself as an Amsterdammer, and believes that being mixed is also positive.


“On the one hand, you don’t belong anywhere, but on the other hand, you belong everywhere.”

For Jewaria, tattoos are a way of expressing her unique identity. Also self-care helps her stay true to herself. But how does Jewaria juggle all her responsibilities and still finds time for herself. Press pray and listen to what she has to say.

Portret by Cleo Goossens

Interview by Raja Felgata

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