Oussama Ahammoud

We talked to different people with different voices and backgrounds, to give an insight of what is going on in the city. We call it Voices of NOÉ.

Oussama Ahammoud, is a 19 year old actor from Amsterdam. Despite his young age, he is already nominated for the 'Gouden Kalf' as best actor television drama. He is known for his role as Muis in Mocro Mafifa and Kev in the cinematic movie named De Lebi, but also played other roles in series such as Vakkenvullers and Morten.

Oussama stands up for individualism, he finds that people should not be judged based on their gender or ethnicity but rather on their personality and character.

Oussama describes himself as a person that’s sociable during his time on set. He believes that people should take things serious on set, however they should also take the time out to make a few jokes, have fun and enjoy. Oussama takes it upon himself to make the set livelier, since he finds that people are at times too focused on the acting rather than the enjoying.

“I act because I love and enjoy acting.”

The way that acting changed Oussama is by making him more known to the public, Oussama loves that he can inspire other people by his success and show them to not give up on their dreams. His personality evolved throughout his acting career, he became a more sociable person than he was a few years ago.

Oussama’s biggest dream as well as his 5 year goal is to finish his study in Theater School and to be seen on the big screens in Hollywood.

His advice to other people who want to follow their dreams and be successful, is to adjust to your environment but always be true to yourself.


Portret by Cleo Goossens

Interview by Raja Felgata

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