Ruba & Saara

Meet the sisters as well as online entrepreneurs Ruba & Saara Zai. Both have a very different strong personalities, Ruba is a 25 year old mom of two whereas Saara is a 21 year old student. The way they describe their relationship online and offline in one word is “unique” due to their strong personality that at times is not the perfect foundation for collaborating. 

Despite being a mom of two Ruba has made quite the career for herself with an Instagram following of 1,1million as well as being the first hijabi to get on the cover of Cosmopolitan. However none of this came without hardship, what she struggles with most in her online career is the fact that she feels like she most of the time has to set the first step for women around the world. She talks about the pressure that is on women specifically by not only the society and men, but other women as well. To Ruba it’s very important for everyone to be able to express themselves, she explains how people don’t interfere with what men do but they do always interfere with women.

“You don’t want me to be pressurized to wear a hijab, which I am not, but at the same time you pressurize me to not wear a hijab.”

Saara who has also become a famous online entrepreneur, being the first hijab girl on the billboards across the Netherlands for Andrélon and having a following on Instagram of 225k. When asked how she deals with online pressure and hate she responds that with her it’s a bit of a different dynamic. Her difficulties don’t necessarily lie in the online world but more so in her day to day life. When Saara started wearing the hijab everyone automatically assumed that her father forced her into it, which immediately put a damper on her happiness. 

“Happiness comes from within you, if you’re not happy nothing will succeed for you.”

The best advice Saara can give to other young girls who want to aspire to be an online entrepreneur is to not work too hard. Take time out for yourself and do things that matter to you, life should be a balance between work and working/taking care of yourself.


Portret by Cleo Goossens

Interview by Raja Felgata

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