Sven Farimun (MC NEVSDEBOI)

We talked to different people with different voices and backgrounds, to give an insight of what is going on in the city. We call it Voices of NOÉ.

Sven Farimun is a 24 year old multifunctional artist based in Amsterdam. Not only is he an amazing MC/host but he also ventured into many sets of skills by modelling for a couple of brands as well as following a course in fashion. As of late Sven has also started working for the Daily Paper where he now is the PR agent of.

Sven stands up for positivity and doing whatever it is you want to do as an individual, he welcomes everyone with an open heart no matter what their gender or appearance is.

“The meaning of selfcare shouldn’t be something different between male or female, men can shower just as long or longer than women depending on one’s personality.”

Sven is known for the unique way that he MC’s/hosts which he named Colorful Soundsystem. Colorful Soundsystem is an experience that Sven created together with a couple of friends. It’s a way of MC’ing/hosting parties which brings people together and provides a comfortable atmosphere for everyone to communicate and party together. With the help of Colorful Soundsystem Sven wants to create a movement throughout the Netherlands at parties/events to help people be comfortable enough so that they can be themselves.

Out of Colorful Soundsystem, MC Nevsdeboi created a lifestyle which he promotes throughout his events named Colorful self. The 5 year goal for Colorful Self is to host its own festival or sub-label, as artists of Colorful Self they can help people be stronger in their own individually.


When it comes to taking care of himself, Sven is grateful for his mom who has taught him since he was young to always be clean and look good.

Since Sven went to college, he became inspired by guitarists who wear nail polish and it has been a part of the way that he expresses himself. Being able to be who you are as a person and expressing that as well is a very important aspect in Sven’s life.



Portret by Cleo Goossens

Interview by Raja Felgata

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