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One thing that all humans share is the skin we live in. It’s true for everyone: Our skin shields our bodies from disease, and it is through our skin that we interact with each other and the environment. This is regardless of the place we stay, where we come from or where we are headed; whether our skin is light, oily, wrinkled, dark, dry, soft or red from the sun. Our skin protects us – and thus needs to be cared for.

Skincare knows no borders, genders, ages

At NOÉ, we believe that looking after the skin we’re in is a ritual that crosses all borders, genders and ages. Everyone cares for their skin – and every skin deserves to be loved. That’s why skincare should not be defined by stereotypes, beauty ideals or gender norms. Skincare is for everyone. NOÉ is deeply rooted in this belief in diversity and inclusivity. It’s why we’ve created the brand. During many years of working in the beauty industry, we never found another brand we could truly identify with – so we decided to just do it ourselves. That’s when NOÉ Skincare was born.

Skincare that’s good for you and the planet

NOÉ Skincare wasn’t born overnight. In fact, it took us three years to find the perfect formula that works for all skin types – without compromises. After traveling the world for inspiration, talking to many experts, visiting countless trade fairs and conducting tests after tests, we are now happy to offer highly effective skincare everyone can easily use and benefit from. And not only us, but also nature. At NOÉ, looking after one’s skin means looking after nature. Therefore, we’ve chosen plant-based ingredients that are good for both our health and the world around us.

Who is behind NOÉ?

We are a collective of young entrepreneurs from Amsterdam, with years of experience in the beauty industry. Being experts in several professional fields and coming from different cultures, we are a truly diverse team and proud to work with talented people from various nations, genders and age groups.

Are you curious to learn more about our team? Stay in touch! We’re looking forward to introducing ourselves to you soon.


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