Zoë & Reiky

We talked to different people with different voices and backgrounds, to give an insight of what is going on in the city. We call it Voices of NOÉ.

We sat down with Zoë and Reiky, friends and collegues of eachother. We talked about different subjects as being a young adult, career life and living in the city.

Zoë and Reiky met on the set of SKAM NL, a Dutch remake of the Norwegian hit TV series SKAM and share a special friendship since. They feel deeply connected because of their similar interests, ways of looking at the world and future aspirations. Both work as actor and actress, but really, they would “like to do everything” instead of being confined to just one profession. We asked Zoë and Reiky about their school and career paths, their generation and the future.


 “We would like to do everything”


Zoë Love Smit is a multi-disciplined creative, working in film photography and music. She’s best known for her lead role as ‘Liv Reijners’ in SKAM NL and she’s part of the creative agency nepenthe.

A few years ago, Zoë decided to drop school to pursue her dream of working in the creative field – with the help of social media. And it worked: Zoë is now doing what she likes to do, and she could well see herself doing the same things in the future, “just bigger.”

Not everyone understands her decision. Especially older generations encouraged Zoë to go back to school. Such clash of generations is normal, thinks Reiky de Valk. The young actor, well known for his lead role in SKAM NL at the side of Zoë, loves to be creative. Having a 9 to 5 job that simply pays the bills, like many people in older generations, wouldn’t work for him. For Reiky, it is important to have fun and be happy. However, he’s still inspired by other generations. 


Portret by Cleo Goossens

Interview by Raja Felgata

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