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At NOÉ, we believe skincare should work in harmony with both your skin and nature. Good skincare does not only protect and nourish your skin, but also the environment. That’s why we’re constantly striving to find the most sustainable way to make highly effective skincare.


All our ingredients are chosen with consideration and care. It’s important to us that they are both safe, effective and eco-friendly. Today, 98,6% of our ingredients are plant-based and our serum is already 100% plant-based. We source organically certified ingredients when available. To guarantee the safety and effectiveness of NOÉ products, we need to use a few non-natural, yet gentle and low hazard alternatives. They are less irritating and more effective for your skin than many natural ingredients currently available. However, we aim to make our products as plant-based and organic as possible. You can find a complete list of all our ingredients on our Good Ingredients page and on our packaging.


We’re convinced that good skincare comes in sustainable packaging. However, that’s easier said than done: Sometimes packaging may appear sustainable first but hide a large ecological footprint. Finding the most sustainable option requires us to consider many different aspects, from the material’s energy consumption to its ability to protect our products. Today, NOÉ products are packaged in plastic, glass and paper that are BPA-free, phthalate-free and (for the paper) FSC certified. Our cleanser, toner and moisturizer come in recyclable PETG bottles. Our serum is filled in a recyclable glass dropper bottle. We encourage you to recycle your packaging once the product is used up.


At NOÉ, we are committed to working in harmony with nature. To operate in the most sustainable way possible, we constantly observe sustainable developments, reconsider our decisions and improve our operations. Since we work with botanical ingredients, the preservation of biodiversity and habitat is especially close to our hearts. To make sure nature can still provide us with its precious ingredients on the long term, we support forest protection projects run by ClimatePartner, a non-profit organization aiming to mitigate climate change. Forests are home to various species and function as important carbon reservoirs. ClimatePartner educates local populations on how to guard forests from depletion and deforestation.


We believe that looking after the skin we’re in is a ritual that crosses all borders, genders and ages. Skincare is not restricted to certain people; it’s for everyone. NOÉ is deeply rooted in this belief in diversity and inclusivity. To make our world more inclusive and accepting of differences, we work closely with organisations that share the same values. Diversity Talks, our partner based in Amsterdam, offers educational programs for those in need to help them thrive on academic, professional, community and psychosocial levels.


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