What makes us different

NOÉ Skincare is good skincare for everyone. Using plant-based ingredients that work in harmony with your skin, we make highly effective skincare essentials you can combine effortlessly into a complete daily ritual. 

As a collective of young entrepreneurs from Amsterdam, we bring NOÉ Skincare to you as an expression of our multicultural backgrounds and diverse experiences. Because we believe that looking after the skin we’re in – and especially the daily act of caring for our face – is a ritual that crosses all borders, genders and ages. 

This has led us to find inspiration and knowledge of good, natural skincare in communities and cultures around the world and encouraged us to create products everyone can use and benefit from. For this reason, we are extremely proud of our Vegan and Halal certifications. And it’s this all-inclusive, simple approach that we put right at the heart of everything NOÉ Skincare. 

Speaking of simple, that’s exactly what good skincare means to us: removing the unnecessary by choosing plant-based, effective ingredients for glowing results. Which is why we’re committed to giving your skin everything it needs without any additions that may be harmful to health and environment.

Above all, we wish to simplify your bathroom life with an easy and effective daily skincare ritual, and hope that you will find joy in sharing this ritual – as well as our products – with your nearest and dearest. 



Plant-based to give skin everything it needs.

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Exploring skincare, society and everything in between.

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